Live Webinar

Please note that this is the FINAL webinar in this series. It is an interactive book planning session, so please bring paper, pen and post it notes. 

Masterclass: Write Your Zone Of Brilliance Book

Dale Darley

Turn your story, transformational process and ideas into a book Writing a book is a fantastic way to reach more people than any blog, speaking gig, article, or social media post because it will be impacting people for years to come.
But so many struggle because they are trying to write the wrong book or finding writing so many words overwhelming.  

Let's change that shall we?

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Here’s What You’ll Discover
This masterclass will help you to identify the following:

  • What is the right book for right now
  • Your zone of brilliance (we all have one) 
  • How your book can support your brand and business (even if you didn't think of using this book for your business) 
  • How to create a working title
  • The first steps of your chapter outline

TIMES: 7 PM CET (Madrid), 6 PM UK, 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST - All other times head to