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Tell Your Story, Share Your Wisdom And Create Your Legacy

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Write A Healing Memoir

The Healing Memoir Project is more than just writing a healing memoir. It has been designed to enable and empower you to write a self-help healing memoir that shares your story of overcoming life events, discovering your truth, who you are and what you are here to do.

Your Book. Your Way.

A book like this will not only tell your story (memoir) but enable you to share your wisdom (self-help) - so that you can help others to heal.

  • Are you ready to share your story, transformational process, wisdom, experiences and life lessons in a book? 
  • Do you have a powerful healing story that will inspire others to know what is possible? 
  • Do you want to create a brand building book that will go beyond being JUST a book?

One-on-one Sessions

Over the program period you will get 121 sessions every two weeks.

Online Courses

Designed as stand alone and to support and supplement the group program. Includes: 

  • Write Your Life Story
  • Simple Steps To Planning Your Non Fiction Book
  • Author Success Templates
  • Bestseller Launch Plan & Planner (Coming soon)
  • Roadmap To Success

Our finale will be supporting each other to launch our books and becoming bestselling authors.

We'll do it step by step

Turning your story and wisdom into a self-help healing memoir is simpler than you think. In this program, I take you on a journey through your life, helping you to decide what slice of life you will share.

You'll write it with ease and then edit it so that it engages with your readers.

It can often be difficult to write your story as you meander back into your personal history.

This is such a worthwhile venture. It brings clarity while being cathartic and it is always inspiring.

I will help you to:

  • Understand what you want to create, this means that you write the right book, sharing the right story, from your zone of brilliance, which aligns with your brand and business 
  • Know who you want to impact - and that's not everyone, we will discover who is the right person to share your wisdom with 
  • Decide on which slice of life - we'll share the part of your journey that connects with your vision, mission, zone of brilliance and purpose 
  • Plan your book and each chapter - essential if you want to make your writing life easier...
  • Clarify your message - we want to be very clear about what your inspirational message is
  • Find your flow - not everyone works in the same way, so we will discover how to make this work for you 
  • How to develop a consistent writing practice - yes, one thing is certain writing is a muscle that gets better as your do it
  • Know where to start your story and make sure that it emotionally connects with your reader - let's hook your reader from the first sentence 
  • Know how to write self-help so that you share lessons learned - the best books share lessons learned to that the reader knows how they can be supported 
  • Help you to overcome any resistance - everyone feels like an imposter and its easy to hide away, we'll tackle writer's block and your confidence
  • Show you how to edit to build rapport, where to get it edited with a professional editor and get a beautiful cover designed 
  • Once the final manuscript is ready - get it uploaded to Amazons KDP ready to market to bestseller status Your marketing plan - we'll explore how you can market your book in the best way for you 
  • Become an Amazon Bestseller - we'll create a plan for your bestseller campaign

This program is for you if you want to:

Tell Your Story, Share Your Wisdom And Create Your Legacy

  • Inspire, impact and ignite others through sharing your healing story and your message 
  • Increase your visibility, credibility and impact 
  • Stand out and become known as an expert in your niche 
  • Leverage the networks of all of the other writers to grow your personal community 
  • Become a best-selling author 
  • Be able to create other products and services from what you have written 
  • Rock your brand and lead with a book

Dale Darley

I am an Intuitive and creative coach/mentor, writer, and author (of many books) who works with my clients to support them to connect with their creativity so that they can explore ideas for their book, brand and business from their zone of brilliance.

As an established author, I have shared my experiences with how to do this simply. I have coached, mentored and trained many people to write and publish their books.

I know first-hand how my books and my client's books have impacted others and changed lives. But I also know just how challenging it can be for new or even established authors to get their books out of their heads.

With over 14 years of expertise in book writing, publishing, and business coaching, I know a few things about the process. I'm on a mission to empower others to bring about meaningful positive impacts in all corners of the world.

My role is to support you in turning your ideas into books worth writing and publishing.

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